PODCAST- Pronouncing “Excuse me”

Learn how to politely interrupt someone on the street and ask for directions.


PODCAST- Pronouncing V in Contractions. All Native Speakers Use Contractions!

Contractions are difficult to pronounce because you have to say a few sounds together. Pronouncing the V sound is especially taunting for non-native speakers. Let’s put these two concepts together for the perfect practice to help you feel comfortable while using contractions in  your conversation.

PODCAST-Practicing the complicated vowel sound in the words LAUGH, GLAD and HAPPY!

This vowel sound may be common but it’s trick to say correctly!

Practice this sound AND learn how to use it & reduce it in conversations.

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PODCAST-Talk Like The Professional That You’re Are

Learn how the Pro’s do it.

Do you feel like you have been practicing and practicing  but are not making the gains that you’d like?  Here are the facts!

Check out the Fortune Magazine Article HERE

PODCAST-Learn About These Magical Words That Disappear!

These word pairs look the same but totally change their meaning when pronounced differently.  Here is a smart list for those who are serious about learning the American English pronunciation.

PODCAST- Pronounce The Word “Develop” You Are Probably Saying It Wrong!

Time to check your pronunciation for the word DEVELOP.  While you are at it, once you learn this word- you can practice with a whole group of words that are in the same situation!

Credit goes to NPR TED Radio Hour

Hey! I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any 3-syllable word questions or comments about the word “develop”?

Can you think of some other 3-syllable words that are stressed in the middle? Write them in the comments below.


Studying the Commercials Are the Best

Commercials are a perfect tool for you to learn the Melody of English. Why?

Because actors exaggerate their words. This way, you can hear
1. the rise and fall of their voice and
2. which words are said louder, which words are being emphasized.

Commercial Study Group #1
Word emphasis and Pitch

You must make words in each of your sentences POP! There should be variety in your speaking. Depending on what you are trying to say, some words are spoken quickly while other words are said louder and longer. In other words, open your mouth more and use more energy in your voice.
Listen to how these actors emphasize and make pitch changes.

Click Here to learn how to sound exciting!

PODCAST-When to Say W In Words Spelled With WH

Who “hu”  said Whole “hol” Wheat “weeet”?

In North American English there are many words that begin with the letters WH and are pronounced with an /h/ sound.

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Spelling Alphabets- You Need This When Talking On The Phone

 When you are trying to spell out loud- the other person may confuse which letter you are saying. Every English speaker needs to learn how to use this technique when spelling your name over the phone.

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PODCAST- Ring, Ring.. Hello? Voice Projection While On The Phone